What is the difference between a Tipper and a Dropside? Or is it a Dropside Tipper?

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In the dynamic world of utility vehicles, two prominent players often take the stage: the venerable “tipper” and the versatile “dropside.” These stalwarts of industry might seem cut from the same cloth, but upon closer inspection, they reveal distinct attributes that cater to specific tasks and industries. Whether you’re navigating the construction site, logistics yard, or tradesman’s territory, comprehending the difference between these workhorses is paramount.

Tipper Trucks: Lifting Efficiency to New Heights

The tipper truck, as its name implies, stands as the embodiment of unloading efficiency. Crafted with a hydraulic system that empowers the cargo bed to ascend and tip, the tipper excels at the quick and precise emptying of its contents at a designated site. This capability proves indispensable when dealing with loose materials such as sand, soil, construction waste, or gravel.

Key Characteristics of a Tipper:

  1. Hydraulic Mastery: At the heart of every tipper lies its hydraulic prowess. The hydraulic mechanism grants drivers the power to hoist and tip the cargo bed, transforming unloading into a swift and controlled operation.
  2. Artful Dumping: The degree of tipping is within the driver’s control, allowing for precise unloading even in spaces that defy convention.
  3. Bulk Material Champion: Tipper trucks excel in transporting bulk materials. The elevated cargo bed ensures a thorough and efficient evacuation of the payload.

Dropside Trucks: Embracing the Best of Both Worlds

But hold on a moment! Southern Vehicle Bodies brings forth a synthesis that captures the best of both tipper and dropside worlds: the ingenious Dropside Tipper. This marvel of engineering combines the adaptable nature of dropside trucks with the loading efficiency of tippers. With detachable sides that open up the load area and a hydraulic system to elevate and tip it, the Dropside Tipper emerges as the ultimate solution for industries that require flexibility and unloading efficiency.

Key Benefits of a Dropside Tipper by Southern Vehicle Bodies:

  1. Versatility Redefined: With detachable sides and an elevated cargo bed, the Dropside Tipper showcases remarkable adaptability. Loading and unloading various cargo types, from equipment to merchandise, becomes a seamless endeavour.
  2. Efficient Unloading: The hydraulic mechanism ensures that unloading remains a swift and controlled operation, regardless of the nature of the cargo.
  3. Cargo Security: While benefiting from the open-access design, the Dropside Tipper also boasts cargo securing options to prevent shifting during transit.

Elevate Your Work Game with Southern Vehicle Bodies

When faced with the pivotal choice between a tipper and a dropside, remember that Southern Vehicle Bodies’ innovative approach eliminates the need to pick sides. The Dropside Tipper embodies a harmonious convergence, combining the versatile attributes of a dropside with the unloading efficiency of a tipper. By choosing the Dropside Tipper, you’re embracing a future where adaptability meets precision, where versatility marries efficiency, and where Southern Vehicle Bodies empowers you to conquer the demands of your industry.

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